I guess it had to happen at some point... After two plus years of the pandemic Paula officially has Covid (she believes she had it once before but didn't test properly), and I've developed cold like symptoms which may or may not be Covid, especially as the season is changing here. 

Either way I know we're both feeling a bit rubbish, so it was nice to have a delicious Dirty Mac & Cheese with steamed broccoli for dinner, even if Paula couldn't taste it.

 Sadly we've had to cancel a few activities such as gym & boxing along with The Gathering's weekly prayer meeting, and we need to make a decision in the morning about this week's Soup Kitchen, so please pray for us and for church as we try to do the right thing. Joel is also fed up because his church have told him to stay away until Friday, so he's a bit fed up with us.

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  1. We share your pain and frustration ... we've both got it too!


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