Pure Joy

I will never tire of the joy of delivering blessings to others, especially the joy of delivering food to the two Soup Kitchens in Macassar which The Gathering supports.

This month we were able to give them a few boxes of peanut pastes, rice, soya mince, jam and washing up liquid each, plus an ice cream tub full of sweets for the kids which were left over from The Gathering's Soup Kitchen lunch back in January.

Sadly, I don't often get to see Mercia lately as she's nearly always at the hospital either having her own health issues seen to or supporting others with their health issues. Please stand with us in prayer for Mercia, she's an amazing lady and so full of God's grace. Please pray for total healing and good health for her.

Visiting Beaty is always a tremendous blessing and usually quite humbling too as she is so busy preparing blessings for others. Today she was excitedly showing me all the gifts she has been making ready for International Women's Day on Saturday.

So  far she has made 30 small gifts of chocolate, 30 scrolls printed with the Fruit of The Spirit from Galatians and she's crocheted 30 Cross bookmarks. Quite where she finds the time for all this as well as feeding the hungry and teaching other local women to knit, sew & crochet is mind blowing! It truly is a privilege and a joy to be able to bless someone who is such a blessing to her own community.


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