It was an all action night at The Gathering's Soup Kitchen last night.

Whilst the Soup Kitchen itself passed off peacefully as usual, thank you LORD! It was chaotic outside with one of the local youngsters getting herself run over causing the driver to crash in to a parked car.

Amazingly the ambulance actually turned up (they rarely do in these communities!) followed by a fire engine (why?!?) and eventually a traffic cop showed up too.

Needless to say this cause much conversation and just a little excitement, so much so in fact that the group of mamas that had gathered around the young girl hung around themselves 'til well after everything had been sorted and the various people involved had gone all home.

This morning I was able to get some large (75lt) plastic tubs to hold the generous donation of oats from My Father's House at the weekend.

It was good to also put some of the maize meal into our smaller tubs and to sort out the noodles and other bits of food whilst I was at it.

Sadly we have a bit of a mouse problem at church with them coming in from the shop next door. It does grate a bit that I have to buy mousetraps from the shop when they should be giving them to me for free given that they're the cause of the infestation.

Anyway, for now our food stocks are as mouse proof as we can make them and I've left several mousetraps active for the little blighters. Hopefully I'll find mouse-ageddon on Sunday morning.

Yesterday began with our annual medical check-ups for our health insurance provider.

We both had slightly raised cholesterol levels and Paula couldn't get her BP down so will have that retested. The results came back and we've been docked a few points for a few issues, but that got me to thinking how few locals probably get a perfect set of results?!? 

We exercise 4 or 5 times a week each, we are careful about our eating and I haven't had an alcoholic drink in two months. So if we got marked down, the average person probably has no hope. 

Be thankful for your amazing NHS over there in Blighty!

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  1. It seems like a very hectic night. It was good to read more about your ministry.


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