The highlight of my week is always The Gathering's weekly Soup Kitchen, and today I am blessed to once again be making 100 litres of delicious homemade Cream of Chicken Soup.

These are the main ingredients but I'll also be adding a lot of salt, pepper, garlic, herbs & spices and some soup powder just to top off the flavour.

Recently we have been using oats to thicken up the soup rather than pasta, and there are some good reasons for using oats. Firstly it's less expensive than pasta, secondly, oats are more nutritious and lastly they require a lot less blending than pasta does, so again the oats are cheaper.

Next week's Soup Kitchen will be even more exciting because our Homework Club will finally reopen in the afternoon, so The Gathering will be nicely busy again.

In other news... I finally had my booster jab ready for traveling to Blighty next month. Woo hoo!


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