Crazy Busy

The Gathering's weekly Soup Kitchen was crazily busy last night as the 100 litres of homemade Cream of Chicken Soup gone in 25 minutes!

In fact, the soup went so quickly that no one was able to have seconds and the last six people only received a cup of soup and a packet of noodles because we couldn't fill any more pots. This was quite heartbreaking, and so next week we will be dusting off our two 70lt pans to make 140 litres of soup.

Whilst it's exciting to see the Soup Kitchen grow and The Gathering stepping up to serve those in need, it's all for the wrong reasons. South Africa is in a dire socio-economic crisis right now, and it's churches like The Gathering & My Father's House that are at the sharp end of alleviating the needs.

We thank God that he knows, he sees and he is providing week after week!


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