Today was doubly exciting because not only is it a Thursday and we get to serve our regulars at The Gathering's weekly Soup Kitchen,but today our Matha@Home Homework Club restarted after an almost two year furlough thanks to the pandemic.

It just felt so right to have the Homework Club operating again and the kids were really enjoying themselves and the attention they were receiving from Delena our beloved facilitator.

We had restarted with just eight kids in two sessions but by the end of the afternoon we were up to eleven kids with a few more asking for forms which is encouraging.

After last week's disappointment of running out of soup before we had managed to serve everyone, we did our best to avoid that again this week by preparing 140 litres of Creamy Lemon & Herb Chicken Soup and thankfully it was just enough to make sure everyone had a pot to take away as well as a cup to enjoy while they were at the Soup Kitchen.

Even so, the soup was all gone in under forty minutes with only a few managing to have seconds before it had all gone!

Thank you LORD!


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