24 Hours

In the 24 hours since I dropped Paula at the airport I've had quite a fun time of it...

Things began with serving 140 litres of soup at The Gathering's weekly Soup Kitchen which was another blessed time of serving generously. This time everyone got a cup & a pot to takeaway and some even hung around for seconds.

Today, apart from getting frustrated in attempting to give blood - the SMS from the blood service told me to go to Rheinmetal (a local munitions factory) who refused to let me through their security - things have gone smoothly. 

Youngest son was delivered and later picked up from school. The older one made his own way to work and was duly picked up at lunchtime (with sweet-shop bits being purchased on the way), and he'll be safely deposited back there later on - Mum's taxi has become Dad's taxi!

In the midst of it all I even managed a 10k unicycle ride and even got to listen to some vinyl over lunchtime and got a load of washing out on the line.


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