It has been said that if you can do what you enjoy for a living then it never feels like work.

Well that is definitely true for me and never truer than on a day like yesterday when I had the privilege and joy of delivering a load of food to the two Macassar Soup Kitchens which The Gathering supports.

The Gathering had already delivered a lot of food to them both on Thursday last week, so it was pure joy to be able to load them up with even more food thanks to the overwhelming generosity of My Father's House

The highlight of my morning was seeing Beatty busy making a huge pot of biryani from the rice and spices we gave her last week, her house smelt heavenly and it's great to know that such wonderful food was going to be served to some of the most vulnerable people in her community.

For me this is the church in action, sharing our blessings and serving the poorest in the name of Jesus.


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