I had a great 15k ride on my KH 26er along Strand beachfront promenade this morning, and got to enjoy the last hour of the solar eclipse.

It got truly spectacular as the rising sun just clipped the top of the moon on its way down making for some stunning views of it all.

Riding along the beachfront promenade is always a pleasant ride, but when there's such an amazing natural spectacle adding to the beauty of the place it takes on a whole different level of spectacular.

In other news; my back has been a bit sore of late, so I thought I would take a couple of days off from boxing and do a few longer unicycle rides just to further strengthen my core muscles. This morning's ride was thirty minutes longer than my usual rides and was actually my fifth unicycle ride in the last eight days so my core is feeling really good right now, especially as it eases a lot of the pressure that would otherwise be on my spine.

The other bit of good news this morning is that I have finally dipped below 87kgs (a shade over 13½ stone), and my dream target of 85kgs actually feels attainable for the first time since forever.

I can't remember being this weight in a very very long time! I'm pretty sure I weigh less now than when I did the Cape Epic in 2009 when I was ultra fit. Though having said that, I'm probably fitter now than I was then thanks to my boxing and unicycling.

Moon going down over the Cape Peninsula

Sunrise over the Hottentots Holland mountains

Stats from my ride


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