Cracking On

With loadshedding now in its 16th year and showing no signs of going anywhere anytime soon, it was time to make a plan to ensure life can go on (see Take That Loadshedding!).

So yesterday for the first time we were able to crack on with The Gathering's Homework Club through the scheduled two hour blackout thanks to our mini inverter which not only charged the tablets but then kept the router and wifi running for the 2½ hours for which the electricity was off.

In fact these mini inverters are so good that we can actually power an entire Sunday morning Gathering from one which allows us to use the audiovisual systems as normal which is a huge blessing.

In other news, we're very busy packing up the house ready for our big move next month. Part of this involves whittling down stuff we've accumulated over the years and for Eli it means getting radical as he prepares for life in Blighty in January. So it was a great blessing to be able to bless Linda's class at Macassar Primary with a load of his old books. We know these books will be well loved and it's great to know they've found a happy forever home.


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