This is what church is all about!  There was such a buzz at The Gathering yesterday as we prepared soup, hosted our Homework Club and launched our first go at offering free haircuts to any men/boys who wanted. Add in to this the fact that we also took food to the two Macassar Soup Kitchen's The Gathering supports and it really was an amazing day of blessings!

The hairdressing initiative was sparked by one of our new members asking us for money for a haircut after church on Sunday (see Barber Outreach).  Now this is something we never do, but we went home and still felt challenged to respond.  God expects His people to be generous towards those most vulnerable - just look at Deuteronomy 24 17-22!  This is also very much the DNA of The Gathering; is totally counter culture, but exactly God's Kingdom! As we have experienced His justice and mercy, so let's extend it to others and trust God to provide for all our needs as we do so.

It was really thrilling for us to partner with Remi, a barber friend, who, as it turns out, has been looking for just such an opportunity to give.  To see the transformation, both physically and emotionally, in the men and boys as they received this kindness was moving  As the worship music played and we worked and prepared the evening meal in our "front room", we believe God did something very beautiful. This will definitely be the start of something we mean to carry on.


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