2023 was another good year for reading, though I read fewer books than in 2022 (I fell short by four books).

Oddly enough, my favourite books of the year were the final four, consisting of: Russia by Antony Beevor, Conspiracy to Murder by Linda Melvern, Iran by Michael Axworthy and the most excellent Embracing Defeat by John Dower.

Of Dower's Embracing Defeat, I have to say it was well worthy of its Pulitzer Prize. From the moment I picked it up - my interest piqued by a part of history I know little of - I knew I was in possession of a book like no other. It is well written, and very engaging on a subject that could be quite dry and dull, but it just isn't. 

Another notable book amongst the many excellent books I read is Conspiracy To Murder by Linda Melvern. This is a sobering wake up call for the international community to stop colluding in genocides and other crimes against humanity. As for the British govt claiming Rwanda is a safe country... aren't they the same bunch that sold the lies of brexit?!?


I last posted on this subject of my reading list for the year in a 2021 post entitled: Books I've Read (this year).

Here's an overview of the rest of my reading for 2023...

1. Shadow City – Taran Khan
2. The Courage to Care - Christie Watson
3. Homecoming - Colin Grant
4. 3 Para - Patrick Bishop
5. Battle for the Falklands – Max Hastings
6. The Boy Who Never Gave Up - Emmanuel Taban

7. Once Upon a Time in Iraq - James Bluemel
8. SBS - Silent Warriors - Saul David
9. 'Broadsword Calling Danny Boy' - Geoff Dyer
10. What Happened? - Hanif Kureishi
11. A History of the French Revolution - E D Bradby
12. SAS Shadow Raiders – Damien Lewis

13. Birth of the RAF – Richard Overy
14. Nuclear Folly - Serhii Plokhy
15. Eastern Approaches – Fitzroy Maclean
16. Can’t Stand Up – Allan Jones
17. A Spy Among Friends – Ben Macintyre
18. Empire – Niall Ferguson


19. Rebels: - Aris Roussinos
20. Dunkirk - Julian Thompson
21. Ten Cities that Led the World - Paul Strathern
22. Paris – Cecil Jenkin
23. Operation Relentless - Damien Lewis
24. Skyfaring - Mark Vanhoenacker

25. The Flame of Resistance - Damien Lewis
26. Paul Weller - Paolo Hewitt
27. Operation Pedestal - Max Hastings
28. Red Notice – Bill Browder
29. The English Civil wars – John Miller
30. Abbey Road – David Hepworth

31. Freezing Order – Bill Browder
32. Colditz - Ben Macintyre
33. Chernobyl - Serhii Plokhy
34. Commando – Monty Halls
35. Age of Napoleon – Alistair Horne
36. Hess, Hitler and Churchill - Peter Padfield

37. Russia – Antony Beevor
38. Conspiracy to Murder - Linda Melvern
39. Iran – Michael Axworthy
40. Embracing Defeat - John Dower


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