The Gathering has been supporting two local Soup Kitchens in nearby Macassar for over two years now, and we've built up a great relationship with Beatty and Mercia who run them from their homes.

So at least once a month I get the joy of delivering a load of food to each of them, and I have to say that it is a real privilege and a blessing to be working with them, supporting them and providing for them.

Both Beatty & Mercia do an amazing job in very testing circumstances, and sadly the need just keeps on growing. So it's good to know that in giving through relationship, we know that we know, that 100% of what The Gathering gives to each of these Soup Kitchens is used to serve the very people who need it most.

Today's delivery was extra special as we were able to include a lot of tins of fruit and jelly powders, so hopefully the local kids will get a proper treat.

Thank you LORD!


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