We were quite amazed but very blessed to receive a solitary Christmas card this year, but then we looked at the envelope and realised it was posted on the 16th of December last year!

And yet, somehow it has managed to sneak its way through a very broken South African postal system (to call it a service would be to overplay its abilities), and even managed to get redirected from the Somerset West post office to our address in Strand. An impressive feat given the state of the post office.

Officially the South African Post Office is in Business Rescue (whatever that means) since late last month, but that doesn't explain the atrocious service over the last few years, nor does it explain the occasional bonfire in which the Post Office simply burns backdated mail.

Still, I guess we should be grateful for small mercies, and even one Christmas card (from last year) is better than none.

 Posted on the 16th of Dec' 2022









Left Gatwick on the 17th...



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