Rescued Rocks

Recently I dug out a bit of the garden to make a new flower bed, and I was very happy with the result (see Percy Thrower, I Am Not).

A week later on a walk with Daisy, I noticed the municipality had dug up a bit of land, and had left a pile of rubble awaiting collection for the landfill.

So, I got Joel, together with Mark (a great friend from Zim who was staying with us) and his son Matt, to join me in rescuing some of the rocks that were headed for the landfill.

I used the rocks to fill out the bed and to add a bit of depth to the garden, and all in all I'm very happy with the final look of the flowerbed, though there are few flowers in there. Sadly due to the reality of a changing climate most of the plants are succulents, though having said that, I do like them.

A year from now this will look great as the plants mature and fill up the space, and it will be a treat to have some greenery outside our bedroom window.


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