We were thoroughly blessed at our first Festive Soup Kitchen on Thursday, as Joel came along to photograph the event for us.

As ever, his photographs are truly stunning and he perfectly captured the heart and essence of The Gathering's Soup Kitchen.

This was the first of three special Soup Kitchens we'll be running over the Christmas period. At each Soup Kitchen we'll be serving Pea & Ham Soup, together with a home baked cookie (see pic on left) and a goodie bag for each of the kids, as well as the usual packet of noodles and filling any pots our regulars may bring.

I'm going to keep the posting of these to a minimum because we plan to use many of them on our next visit to Blighty as we tour our supporting churches and visit supporters. So prepare yourselves for a treat in the summer of '24...

I'm particularly taken with this shot of Ronan. 

Ronan was part of our Homework Club a few years ago, and school was always difficult for him, but he enjoyed coming to us, if only to escape the harshness of home life. Sadly Ronan was thrown out of school, but ever since he has done his best to keep himself busy with work, and thankfully has avoided going down the gang route which is an enticing option for many young lads in the community.


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