One of the many joys in leading church, is watching the ebb & flow of church life, and how some people are planted in for the long haul whilst others are with you for just a short time.

Today at The Gathering we had the privilege of sending Delena (& her husband John) off in prayer (we prayed our best prayers), and love to begin a new life in the Eastern Cape in a town called Buffels Vlei. 

There they will be part of the staff team of an NPO called Gemm Leadership Academy. And to be honest, our loss is their gain!

Delena has been an immense blessing over the last few years to The Gathering, from cooking at our Soup Kitchen Christmas Lunches, to facilitating our Homework Club and washing up our pans each week after Soup Kitchen.

Delena first came to The Gathering through Paula's Gathering Ground, and she quickly became a regular feature of the group and established herself as a dearly loved and valued church member.

We knew that she & John were set to leave and retire quietly to their hometown in the Western Cape, but you have to love how God has other ideas. In this case sending them off in the opposite direction with a mandate to serve the Kingdom for however long God wants them to serve.

We are super excited for Delena but are going to miss her!


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