After the joy of our three Christmas Specials at The Gathering's weekly Soup Kitchen, it's great to be back to the joy of our normal Soup Kitchen, replete with loadshedding.

Butternut is back in season locally, so it was a case of prepping and chopping 18kgs of them to make one hundred litres of delicious home-made soup.

The soup went down well and was greatly appreciated by our regulars, who gave lots of encouraging feedback about it. 

As ever, it was a joy to prepare the soup and an even greater joy to serve so many of our regulars.

Even the return of loadshedding did little to dent the joy of the evening, especially as The Gathering has invested in a 1.5KW inverter which can run all the fans and multi-media of the church.


My reward for chopping and de-seeding 18 kilos of butternut...


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