Five years ago today, after much encouragement & cajoling, I overcame my fears and anxiety and walked in to what was then CEY Boxing Gym (now Knockout Centre).

I had decided late in 2018, that after almost ten years of doing no exercise, and with a number of health red flags which were beginning to concern me, it was time to make some changes and get fit.

I'll not bore you with the whole journey, I've done that plenty already in a number of blog posts over the intervening years (see below). Suffice to say that today I'm fitter, stronger and feeling better than I ever have!

The most recent health change I've made is to stay off the grog for the foreseeable future. I stopped drinking on our return from Paris in mid October, and haven't had an alcoholic drink since. The main reason being that I have an oesophageal issue which is exacerbated by alcohol, so when I drink there are complications, and when I stay off alcohol there are minimal to no complications. Also, this was my first Christmas & New Year without alcohol, and to be honest it was probably my best ever festive season.

So back in 2019 when I first started Boxing, I had already dropped a couple of kilos from my starting point of 107kgs, and eventually got down to 82, but for the last 18 months have settled at +/-85kgs (13½ stone) where I am very happy.

Despite the advancing years with its myriad aches & pains, and my totally knackered back, I'm happy to keep going on this journey in to good health and fitness and look forward to the next few years and the benefits they'll bring health wise. 

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