Having given up cycling about 8 years ago I knew I needed to get back in to a regular exercise programme, but until now had no idea as to what that would be given that enjoying it is very high on my list of priorities.

Let me be honest, I find the regular gym mind numbingly boring and I'm always amused by the thought that some people get stuck in traffic on their way to the gym to ride a stationary bike. I think it's fair to say that regular gym is definitely not for me.

However, I've been piling on the weight, eating and drinking way too much and starting to suffer for it, so it's time for change.

Knowing I wouldn't do regular gym and being too scared to cycle again (4 particular incidents killed that for me), I put some thought in to the matter and decided to give boxing a go.

Three sessions in and I'm loving it! 

So today, Abrie at CEY Boxing took some Before photos and in a few weeks I'll aim to post some more showing my progress...hopefully.

The front view isn't quite so bad😂