Like most government run institutions in South Africa, the health service is very badly broken and on its knees, to the point that it's best avoided at all costs (treasure and fight for the NHS!).

Even trying to get our daughter's wisdom teeth seen to has been a nightmare and not an experience we would be keen to repeat any time soon!

To this end, many people have private health care or medical insurance, and for us, whilst we're on the lowest (least expensive) option that only covers emergency treatments in hospital, it remains our single largest expense, and by quite some margin.

However, one of the few joys of this, aside from decent hospitals and quality care when I break my arm yet again, is that we get discounts and rewards for living healthy and active lives. Once a year our provider sends us an overview of how we're doing heath & fitness wise, and here are their summary tiles from 2023...

Oddly I do enjoy Mondays, and I rarely miss my workout on that day, especially as it's my day off from The Gathering.

I would have thought October with our trip to Paris would have been my laziest month...

Most of this distance was covered on my unicycle and walking

2023 was actually my second year of meeting my exercise goals every week


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