Making Soup

Making the soup for The Gathering's weekly Soup Kitchen is (and has been for a long time) my happy place.

I really enjoy every aspect of it, and love the fact that I can pretty much switch off and just let the process unfold.

The quantities of veg, amasi and seasoning are pretty much set by experience (we've been doing this for eight years now), so it's not as if I need to worry about following a recipe. 

One thing I do like doing though, is changing the seasoning & flavourings to suit whichever veg it is that we're using for the soup.

This week it was orange sweet potato, one of my favourites because it's easy to prep, cooks in no time and is incredibly tasty! 

As with any veg I use, it gets a thorough wash before topping & tailing and then chopping up ready to go in the pans. I never peel the veg, too much goodness is lost through that.

The amasi then adds a lovely rich creaminess to the soup. To our uneducated palates, amasi is essentially off milk, but to those who have grown up with it, it's a rather delicious treat.

Finally, I add oats to the soup to thicken it up, and once they're cooked, the whole thing is blended in to a rich creamy soup ready to be served.

It's a joy and a blessing to be able to serve our regulars and the wider community with this.

Thank you LORD!


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