Fit Family

It's a joy to be keeping fit and exercising together as a family and it's a joy to be a part of the CEY family, a gym with a difference.

This is a place where all are made to feel welcome, a place where we all remember where we came from and how poor we were when we started. There are no elitist attitudes and no space for the posers, and it's all the better for it.

Paula & Eli love the Crossfit whilst Dean & Joel are addicted to the Boxing and our bodies are loving the health benefits. It's win win in every way possible.

For Dean it's been a 2 year journey with CEY having decided in Jan '19 to get up off the couch and get fit again, losing 20kgs in the process. Paula was a gym junkie for years but had seen little improvement, but that's changed at CEY where she's really loving the benefits. Joel decided a year ago that he too wanted to box and joined us and this year Eli decided he needed to get stronger & fitter and joined the crossfit.

Families that pray together and exercise together stay together.


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