It's amazing the difference a good haircut can make one feel about one's self.

From time to time at The Gathering we've been blessed to be able to partner with Remi, a local barber who shares our passion for the poor. 

It's hard to convey just how much it means to some of our regulars, knowing that the can get a quality haircut whilst enjoying a cup of soup and all for free. The difference a haircut makes and the confidence one can give is quite remarkable.

As you can see in this pic, the before and after is quite striking, and this guy left feeling really good about himself, and we feel good because this is the church in action honouring Jesus in sharing his blessings.

Thank you LORD!

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  1. I ran into a post from last year and noticed you didn't do the A-Z challenge this year and just had to check in on you. A good hair cut can make a person feel brand new. Bless you guys for still being at it over there!


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