Having recently qualified as a Chaplain, it was a great honour and privilege to have been ordained as a Community Chaplain with SAFReC, the South African First Responder Chaplaincy.

Paula & I flew to Jo'burg on Friday for the Ordination which was conducted as part of their AGM.

I guess the reality and impact, or potential impact of this is still sinking in, but getting involved is an exciting prospect, and I'm particularly keen to see what doors may open in the coming weeks, months and years.

Being ordained as a Chaplain changes nothing in terms of my calling and commitment to The Gathering. Pastoring The Gathering with Paula is still our primary focus, and comes first in terms of ministry, but equally, being a Chaplain with SAFReC is another avenue for pursuing the same goals, that of honouring the name of Christ as we see the Kingdom of God extended. 

The two roles or Pastor and Chaplain are not conflicting but complimentary.

I'm particularly keen to get in to the local prisons to minister, as well as getting more involved in hospital visiting, especially when church members or their families are in need.  

I'm also hoping that being an ordained Chaplain will open the door to becoming a Marriage Officer so that I can legally conduct weddings, which is a long held desire of mine.

Four new Chaplains being presented to the SAFReC membership

 Receiving Ordination certificate from Dr Johannes

With my dear friend Flynn who encouraged me to become a Chaplain

New Chaplains with the SAFReC leadership

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Dean - It provides an answer to my question to Paula what difference this new role would make to your role in SA


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