I was really struck by what one of The Gathering's members said recently about The Gathering's door always being open, because most people in this community are used to seeing churches being locked up and empty all week after Sunday apart from a brief spell on Wednesday evenings.

However, for me, I've been passionate for a long time now about church buildings being open and used on a daily basis. I also believe that the fact that church meets there on a Sunday should merely be the cherry on the icing.  Sadly so many seem to be empty from Monday to Saturday and for me I couldn't and wouldn't want to do church like that again.

At The Gathering we're enjoying our new space and the flexibility it offers us right in the heart of the community. From gathering on a Sunday to people cramming in on a Thursday evening, the space is proving to be a tremendous blessing. We try to be open as much as is practically possible so the community know they can find us. Our Homework club and soup Kitchen also mean we're open almost every afternoon and we're looking at other ways we can serve and impact the community for the Kingdom.

Ready for Homework Club Monday to Thursday

Our Soup Kitchen runs every Thursday evening

We're also in discussion with the local Blood Transfusion Service about opening as a regular venue for them, which really excites me.


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