Adopted Son

It seems like a long time ago that Paula dropped me off at Cape Town airport to fly to England, but just three weeks later I really can't wait to go home!

I've had a fantastic time, reconnected with many good friends, and spent time with school mates I hadn't seen in 35 years. I had the privilege of spending time with some truly inspiring fellow pastors & ministers and can't believe that a few of them even let me preach in their churches (I'm sure one day I'll be found out 😂 ).

But the greatest joy has been spending time with family, and this last week has been special as I've never spent so long with Paula's sister & brother-in-law on my own before. All I can say is that my love and respect for Lisa & Stephen grows exponentially each time I see them and realise just how much they quietly get on with as they serve and support others around them. I really love you both! XX

So now my thoughts are well and truly with my favourite peeps of all time, and I cannot wait to be home with Paula & my boys and to get stuck in to life at The Gathering again. I've missed our Sundays together and serving Firgrove through our Homework Club, Soup Kitchen and everything else we do together. You guys rock and to be a part of your lives is an immense privilege, so thank you for letting me come home.

Hopefully by the time you read this I'll be on a plane just about to leave UK airspace, but as an adopted son of Weald, just a tiny bit of my heart will always linger there...


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