It's great to be back and getting in the swing of the life of The Gathering again.

This morning has been largely about getting a few of my UK purchases up and running which will hopefully make church and especially our Homework Club run a little better.

In Blighty I managed to pick up a ten port USB hub so we can charge all of our tablets in one hit without having to scrabble around for cables etc. I also picked up ten good quality USB cables (with aluminium connectors) which will hopefully last better than the rather nasty plasticky ones that were supplied with the tablets.

Whilst on the tablets, thanks to a very generous gift I should be picking up two new tablets later this week to replace the broken two we currently have.👍

It's also been good to finally get this bad boy fired up and working. It should have arrived before I left for Blighty, but as is the way with most things, it didn't.

Previously we were getting 6gb of data for R300 per month, now we're on the LTE-A (4G) network and we're getting 25gb for R300. Being 4G also means that our internet connection is so much faster which should help resolve some of the issues we've been having with the Homework Club because our previous router could only handle ten devices being connected and it used to give up around eight. Hopefully this one really can handle the 64 devices as claimed.

This is a huge blessing to The Gathering as it enables us to do so much more. Thank you Lord!


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