City Elders

A few months ago I was invited to join a regular Wednesday morning prayer group for City Elders and intercessors. So having jiggeled my day around I've been going quite regularly for the last few months and have grown to really enjoy the group and the nature of prophetic prayer and the unity amongst the many ministries in the Helderberg.

But my biggest joy has been getting to see the different ministries, stand with them in prayer and to celebrate their outreach within their communities. It's really exciting to see what God is doing amongst us here in our little corner of South Africa.

This morning we had the privilege of hosting the prayer meeting at The Gathering and the time of prayer over The Gathering's ministry was amazing with some incredibly encouraging words and scriptures spoken over us.

The group has stopped now for the summer holidays and I'm really looking forward to picking this up again and getting to know some of my fellow elders in the Helderberg.

Praying at KruisKyk

Praying at Turning Point

Praying at New Gen

Praying at LewendeWater (Living Waters)


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