Soup Kitchen

It's not always clear blue skies and beautiful sunsets, sometimes the weather turns hideous and yesterday afternoon this was the precursor to some of that hideous weather.

Thankfully the storm held off until a while after our Soup Kitchen so everyone would have got back to wherever they stay safely.

Last night's Soup Kitchen was a tad busier than of late and it was great to see some familiar faces reappear now that our lockdown has eased considerably. It was especially good to see some of the kids who were excited to be back at school. Hopefully we can get The Gathering's Homework Club back up and running again soon.

Last night we were blessed by the visit of some friends who wanted to see the Soup Kitchen and look at ways in which thy might get involved.

We were able to bless a couple of guys with StreetSleeper sleeping bags, they were thrilled with them. We just wish there was no need for such things in the first place.

The rise in homelessness and begging on the streets locally is horrendous and as the church we need to stand up and be counted in making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable.


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