One of the joys of what we do is being able to collect donations, sort them and then send them out again to the right people/places to ensure they have the maximum impact.

So recently it was great to be in touch with a local who had several boxes of brand new flip-flops left over from a recently closed business enterprise. They were keen that the flip-flops were not sold but rather would go to people who need them and would appreciate them, which is where The Gathering comes in. Sadly some of the boxes were water damaged so we've had to bin the worst of the damaged flip-flops, but we were able to rescue seven boxes of 24 pairs to be given away. What a blessing!

The Gathering now has seven boxes of flip-flops waiting to be given away. Two will go to locals we know in Firgrove and the other five boxes will go to My Father's House on Friday when I go through to spend time with my mate Shaddie at their feeding programme in Simon's Town.

It's also a tremendous blessing to finally have a vehicle that is more than capable of being loaded to the brim and taken just about anywhere. We've been praying for a more appropriate vehicle for a few years now and are thrilled to have been blessed in this way.

It was great to load the car up this morning with the seven boxes of flip-flops, a box of 1000 cups for our Soup Kitchen, some boxes of food, the 70lt pan for Soup Kitchen and several other smaller items, and it all fit really easily. What a blessing.

Thank you LORD!


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