It was a joy and a pleasure to make the soup for The Gathering's Soup Kitchen last night and it was a privilege to serve with our Gathering family to our regulars.

The queue was one of the biggest we've ever seen and folk were patiently waiting from before 5pm knowing that we don't begin serving until 6pm.

As ever the vibe was very relaxed and despite waiting for quite a long time, everyone was very grateful for what they received. 

I made 100 litres of Cream of Beef & Tomato soup for last night and though I say it myself it was rather good, and it certainly went down well with everyone because it was all gone in twenty minutes!

We've had quite a few tins of tomatoes at church for several few months now so thought we'd make a special soup for yesterday given that it's still Easter (almost). During the week Paula bought some more tins of tomatoes along with 6kgs of beef which the butcher kindly chopped for us. Added to this was 7kgs of onions, 12 litres of amasi and 6 litres of milk, all blended together with some herbs and soup mix to make a delicious soup. 

The Gathering's Soup Kitchen is always the highlight of my week but some weeks just stand out as being exceptional and last night's was one of those.

It's a blessing to serve our Soup Kitchen regulars!

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  1. It's so good to see that your soup kitchen Is doing well. The one I go to is still restricted for fear of spreading the virus


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