I have been hoping to write this post for a while but wasn't expecting to do it quite so soon, but I'm very happy that the day has come.

When I set out on my health & fitness journey in January 2019 I was seriously in denial about how much I weighed & unhealthy I was, and truth be told I'll never know how quite bad it got. All I can say is that after hitting 105Kgs I simply stopped weighing myself, but I know I put more weight on because I did nothing to change my lifestyle.

The red flags were also waving furiously to let me know I had some developing health issues, but I was happy to ignore them for a while longer...   
Denial can be a comfortable place to hide, but it's never a good place to spend any amount of time in, especially when we're hiding from the reality of poor health and fitness.

Starting in January 2019 I became very intentional in my exercise routines and lost quite a bit of weight (I actually got down to 87.6Kgs) but was still struggling with keeping my weight at the level I wanted it to be. Then just over a year later in 2020 I gave the 16:8 intermittent fasting a go. This for me was transformational and really helped kill the excess weight. However, I was still going too far with certain foodstuffs and knew that more serious changes were needed, especially as I hit 95Kgs during the lockdown followed by Christmas & New Year in the UK.

Then early this year through a recurring health issue I discovered that the acid reflux I had been battling all my life was down primarily to sugar. I thought my diet was already quite low on sugar, but since getting radical in cutting it out I've not had a single incident of heartburn and the recurring health issue has gone.

Then I contracted a bout of typhoid (nice!) and was given some serious meds to help clear it up. However the Dr was very clear that I had to stop drinking for the ten days of the medication. So I decided to use that as a springboard for giving up alcohol (at least for a while). Here I am now three months on, and this has really helped my overall health, fitness and outlook on life. I'm liking the dry me and for now have no intention of drinking alcohol again any time soon.

All of this has combined to leave me at the lowest weight I can remember being since we got married, and it leaves me with a very attainable dream weight of 85Kgs, a little under 13½ stone. For the first time ever I know that I can get there!

The other joy to this is that whilst I am around the same weight I was back in April/May 2019, today I am far fitter and stronger than I was then, so it's all good, my boxing is fun and I'm loving my unicycle rides when I manage to get out there and the overall impact on life is brilliant.


  1. Good for you for the changes you made with your diet, etc and the effects you are seeing of it on your body and overall health! My husband's blood pressure was incredibly high last September so we had to cut sodium out of our diets. By reducing it significantly, his blood pressure is in a normal range now and we also lost about 20 pounds each changing what we ate. My son quit drinking alcohol January 2021 after he was diagnosed with a serious health problem that would worsen with continued drinking. He has a young son that he wants to be around to raise so on the spot he quit drinking. His lab numbers are looking great now as a result. So keep up the good work!!


  2. Interesting. I went down from 80 to 62 lowest. But abdomen infection, I am back to maximum 68 kg. Has to push it down again.

  3. Just circulated your blog on twitter.


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