104 Weeks

I'm quite proud of this achievement.

A few weeks ago I hit 100 consecutive weeks of hitting my Exercise Goals with our healthcare provider.

Today it got even better as I hit 104 consecutive weeks or two years of hitting my Exercise Goals. 

What this means is that for two years, without missing a single week, I've managed to exercise to a level where my heart rate has hit 70% of my maximum during my exercise sessions.

For me this has involved either unicycling for at least an hour, or Boxing classes which last just over an hour, three times a week, every week.

There have been a few weeks where it wasn't possible to exercise as normal, and so when I was in Blighty last year, I took my skipping rope, and met my target using that together with a variety of sit-ups, push-ups, squats etc.

Now on to the 200 club...


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