Z Is For Zebra

Z is for Zebra

I could have painted some black stripes on my car to make it look like a Zebra, but actually, this post is not about Zebras at all.

Truth be told I couldn't think of anything better and it seemed like a good way to say a bit about my upcoming adventure with my oldest son...

Joel turned 18 in March and as part of the celebrations of this event, we (he & I) will be going off on a three week off-road wild camping trip right around South Africa.

This should be the trip of a lifetime and the plan is to head East from Cape Town out on as many gravel roads, dirt tracks and 4X4 routes as possible, keeping time on main roads to an absolute minimum. We'll be going over the Sani Pass in to Lesotho, up to Eswatini and then on to the Kruger National Park for a few days, where we will do as much game driving and Zebra spotting as possible, before heading West towards Kimberly, Upington, and on up to the Namibian border at Alexander Bay, after which we will head back home to Cape Town.

We're planning on taking three weeks to do the trip so we won't be rushing anywhere, rather we'll just be chillin', enjoying the road and the scenery and building some great father/son memories as we go.

As I said above, we will be wild camping as much as we can and generally staying away from anything organized as much as possible, though we will visit a few shops to stock up on food along the way as well as hopefully find a launderette or two en-route. We might even treat ourselves to a B&B for a night or two.

Above is a pic of our trusty steed for the journey, my Suzuki Jimny 4X4 into which we will be loading everything we need, and if it doesn't fit it won't be going with us. So far we have a tent, coolbox, table, 2 chairs, sleeping bags, utensils, camping stove & gas bottle, Skottlebraai and a few other bits. I still need to get a compressor for inflating tires and mattresses. Paula is being a legend and collecting all manner of dried foods to take with us, so we're about ready to go, roll on June.


A final word... if you've made it this far in following my A to Z Blogging Challenge, thank you for being here.

This post is part of a series in the Blogging From A To Z Challenge, April 2021.


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